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DND Services Ltd :: Code Archive Search

Code Archive Search

If your stereo has previously been sent to our workshop for a decode or repair, and has one of our stickers on it, then there is a fair chance that we may still have a record of the Security Code Number in our Archives. For a small fee, we will search our archives and see if we can find it for you.

We have Decoded and Repaired literally hundreds of thousands of Radio`s in our time, and there are many Stereo`s cropping up all over the world with our labels on them. If you are in need of a radio code, and have either misplaced your original paperwork, or were not given it by a previous owner, then if you follow the instructions below for submitting some information to us, we can search the Archives for the most recent Code Number that we have on file for your radio.

How this service works:

You will need to remove the radio from your car to gain access to the Manufacturer labels on the side or top. From these labels you will then need to identify and submit as much of the information as you can on to the form below. When you submit the form to us, you will be guided towards our checkout where a small search fee is required. Please note that it is not our fault that you do not have your code number to hand, and this fee is significantly cheaper than sending the unit to us.

Code Found:

If the search has been successful, we will return an E-Mail to you within a few hours with a Code Number for you. We are unable to guarantee that the number we give you will work, as it is based upon the last time we saw the radio, (and we do not know where it has been since). Should the Code number we give you prove not to work, then the radio will have to be sent to us for manual reprogramming, but we will of course credit any monies spent towards this, so that you are not paying twice this time around. Please note that we do not provide refunds where we have issued a Code.

Code Not Found:

If we have not been successful in locating your Code Number within our archives, then on this occasion only, we will refund your payment in full. We will also provide you with an alternative solution for your Code Number Recovery, which will probably entail sending the unit to us for manual reprogramming.

Full details of our Decode Services can be found on the relevant sections of our website.

Please Note that our workshops are open Monday to Friday - 09:00 ~ 17:00
Codes Requested outside of these hours may understandably take a little longer to process

Code Archive Search - Application Form
(This Archive Search will only work if you have one of our following labels attached:)

* Which Label do you have? : Yellow       

Please Enter Your Radio Details:
* Make : (eg- Alpine / Sony / VDO / etc)
* Model:
* Part Number :
* Serial Number:
Is this an Original Equipment style of Radio?
O.E.M. Brand : (eg- Audi / Skoda / VW)
O.E.M. Part Number:
And some contact details:
* Your Name :
* E-Mail Address :
Any Additional Information that may help us:
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