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DND Services Ltd :: News archive

We are still operational
5th January 2021

As we enter another lockdown, don`t panic, we are still here to help with your Radio Codes

Please read this from our M.D.

Having scrutinized the new legislative rules, we are satisfied that we are still permitted to trade (albeit with restrictions) under both the electronic repair services and also for supporting the vehicle repair industry.

Because we have been shielding some family members here over the last few months, we have previously had to adopt some very strict rules and procedures in order to continue to remain operational and this has included a zero face to face customer contact policy. So for us, nothing really changes. We will endeavor to keep the workshop open as STRICTLY MAIL ORDER ONLY for the forseeable future as our regular delivery drivers and couriers already know the strict procedures we have in place and how to deal with us. This does still mean NO VISITORS though, irrespective of how local you think you may be or how inconvenient it is to use a courier to get a radio to us.

There will be problems and there will be significant delays, but if we all play the same game, then we can hopefully all come out of this together.

Stay Safe  

Happy New Year
2nd January 2021

Please note that all International Shipping including Northern Ireland, is currently suspended.

Please read this from our M.D.

We are pleased that a Brexit deal was agreed at the last minute, but it has left us with a bit of a temporary problem that we awaiting an answer on from HMRC, who are understandably inundated with Shipping questions.

Unlike other industries out there that are importing and exporting goods, our market is one of repair and return, which means we are still awaiting on the correct procedures to follow in order to move expensive items from one country to another without them incorrectly being subjected to import taxes. This also applies to anything sent to us from outside of the UK because if any paperwork is incorrectly filled out, then you may find that your decode charge jumps massively if import taxes are incorrectly applied.

This will also apply to Northern Ireland that now has its own set of customs forms to fill in and as yet, we have not heard anything back as to what is required from us in the form of paperwork or what has to be declared when sending anything across the water. We only found out about this one on New Years Eve, so please be patient whilst we try and find a solution.

Our Fully automated decode services are taxed at source here in the UK and will continue to run without any issue whatsoever, and International users will now find that we have added many currency options to make it easier for you.

I wonder how many more challenges 2021 will bring us?
Happy New Year !!  

See you in 2021
21st December 2020

Our Offices are now closed for the festive period

Please read this message from our M.D.

With the festive period now upon us, the Country on Lockdown and the Borders around the U.K. now closed We have decided to also take our first and well earned break this year and actually close for Christmas.

Our fully automated website will remain operational at all times and depending on alcohol consumption, there is a possibility that some emails may even be answered. We have procedures in place for any radios that are delivered by couriers during the break, but these will obviously not be worked on whilst our workshop is closed.

It has been a strange year for everyone but unlike most out there, we have not been furloughed and have not qualified for any handouts or Government assistance which has forced us to adapt and remain as operational as we can hence the desperate need for some time off.

From everyone here - Thank you for your business this year, Try and have a Merry Christmas, Stay Safe and look forward to dealing with you all from the 4th January 2021 when we re-open.  

Currency Fixed
9th December 2020

For the International Customers out there, our Currency problems should now be fixed.

Following a major technical upgrade, our multiple currency options are now back up and running again on our Automated Code site. Our Japanese friends can now pay in Yen or US Dollars, whichever you prefer.  

Currency Options
2nd December 2020

We are undergoing maintenance on one of our servers which may affect some of the automated card payments.

We are aware that those of you using our automated code site and paying in Japanese Yen are experiencing a few difficulties at the moment. We are aware of the problem and looking to fix it as soon as possible.

Whilst this maintenance work is going on, some of the other payment and currency options may also be suspended for a short while. For those paying in GBP, you may find some disruption if using VISA for payment.

Whilst this work is being done, we would advise you to select GBP as the currency and cleared funds through Paypal which is working perfectly.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.  

Brexit Update
8th November 2020

International Shipping is now suspended

Please read the following message from our M.D.

With so many countries (including ourselves) going into different forms of COVID-19 lockdown, we have decided to suspend our International Shipping. The UK, Northern Ireland, and the UK Islands will remain unaffected with business continuing as normal.

With the lack of any foreseeable Trade Agreement with the E.U. and little clarification as to what will happen in 6 weeks time with regards to shipping and customs paperwork that may be required for each Country, we will now not be reinstating our International Services until 2021. For us it is not as simple as using the WTO rules as we are not actually importing or exporting anything and we are just returning items to you, the sender, following a UK repair. We need to know the correct customs definitions to use to prevent any charges for import duty when radios are moved about and as yet they have not been released to us.

This is as much of an inconvenience to everyone out there as it is to us, but the current Pandemic has given us a good break point in which to get our International Services in order and we hope to hit the ground in 2021 with our feet running.  

COVID19 Update
2nd November 2020

We are still operational and will remain open for online business only

Please read the following message from our M.D.

With another lockdown now on the cards, don`t panic about sending anything to us as our workshop will remain operational, albeit for online and internet sales only. There will be no face to face or counter service and visitors will sadly now be turned away. We have to play strictly by the rules on this one and as the Virus has no exceptions, then neither can we. Thank you for your understanding.

For our Trade Customers sending radio's in by Mail Order, please make sure we have any alternate delivery addresses should your premises be closed.

Stay Safe  

COVID19 Update
29th October 2020

Many areas are now facing lockdown restrictions, and we are doing all we can.

Please read the following message from our M.D.

With many areas facing further lockdown restrictions, it will obviously have an impact on how things are done for a while. Our workshop will remain open with a skeleton staff and so long as the couriers are running, then it will be business as usual - albeit a little delayed.

Please ensure that if we are delivering parcels and radios back to you, that there is somebody there to accept them. If your business premises is closed then we obviously cannot deliver it there.

For our International Customers, we will try and keep our European services running on a country by country basis and our logistics operators, DPD are now issuing guidance for anything traveling by road which can be viewed here. Non - EU services are now restricted to Online Codes only.

"DPD European Road Services 26th Oct 2020"

This is going to be a very fluid situation and updates will undoubtedly follow.  

COVID19 Update
22nd September 2020

Far from Deja-Vu, this time round we are better prepared

Please read the following message from our M.D.

Whilst we welcome the brakes now being applied to many aspects of life in a bid to slow down the COVD-19 spread, here at DND, we have learned many lessons from last time around and will now implement some new procedures with immediate effect in order for us to continue to trade through the new restrictions, however harsh they may end up being.

We will now once again return to a very strict Mail Order Service only and will no longer accept any personal callers to our workshop. The only exception to this will be the local garages and exisiting trade customers within the Torbay Area that regularly deal with us, and are requested as always, to give us a ring first before venturing over to visit. Joe Public and any new customers will have to use a recognized courier to get any parcels to us irrespective of how close you may be. Whilst I will apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, it is because we are continuing to shield someone here that has undergone brain surgery on multiple occasions and I`m sure you can appreciate that their safety takes priority over that of a broken stereo. It is generally accepted that any virus has a finite lifespan on a surface of around 3 days, so there will now be a slight delay as parcels that now arrive will be left to naturally decontaminate before they are opened and dealt with. Dependent on how and whom you used to send them, that period may have already elapsed before they even arrive which is why we are now insisting on Mail Order only. We have actually been following this procedure for a good few months now, and it seems to be working well.

Our delivery network surpassed itself last time and this time we fully intend to continue to operate throughout Europe until we are told not to. As stricter lockdown measures come in to force though, please ensure that any address you give us is not compromised or closed.

We will always try to turn radios around as fast as we can, but please be patient with us.

Stay Safe  

Renault MM2012
21st August 2020

Calling all owners of MM2012 CD Players, we need your assistance

We are currently populating our database with information from the MM2012 range of radios from the Renault Meganne 3. We are looking for any handbook information with regards to code entry procedures, as there are a few different models here and we want to ensure we tag the correct info accordingly. If you have a Version of MM2012 that needs a code and its not yet shown on our database, then please get in touch with us.  

Pioneer SPH DA120
8th August 2020

If you have the Pioneer AppRadio 4 and its stuck on the loading screen, we can help . .

There appears to be a common fault where the system will either "hang" on a Software Error Screen, or will repeatedly show the Pioneer Logo with the words "Loading" and then turn off again, reset itself and then repeat the procedure again on a continuous cycle. Not a problem for us and full details can be found in our website Repair Service section.  

Pioneer AVIC
7th August 2020

We now have a solution for those of you that have locked your Pioneer stereo.

Also fitted to SAAB, the Pioneer AVIC-F950DAB uses a customer derived code number to protect it and this does mean that if that number or phrase is misplaced, then the stereo will not function. We can now reset this model and full details can be found on our website.  

Phone Lines Down
3rd August 2020

We are experiencing problems with our phone lines at the moment and we cannot hear any incoming voices - Please bear with us

If you need to talk with us, please email a phone number to and we will call you back  

COVID19 Update
31st July 2020

We are still experiencing delays here

Please read this latest message from our M.D.

With the world now poised on an imminent second wave, we are now in a better place to trade through it having learnt many lessons over the last few months. Most of our European delivery network is back online although we do ask that you ensure that any delivery addresses are not compromised or closed during any local lockdowns in your country.

For our UK customers, we are now reverting back to a strict Mail Order Service only and can no longer accept any visitors. Down here in the South West, we are having a serious influx of holidaymakers and our infection rates now are rising dramatically as a direct result. For our registered Motor traders and garages in Torbay, give us a ring first as you normally would.

We are still trying to turn radios around as fast as we can, but the backlog is enormous - so please be patient with us.  

Seat SSS1.2 Ibiza
22nd July 2020

We now have a radio code solution for the TechniSat SSS1.2 as fitted to the SEAT Ibiza

As far as we are aware, we are the first people to crack the codes on this particular model. Full details can be found on the website.

So refreshing to post news that is not Covid-19 related !!  

COVID19 Update
10th July 2020

Our International Shipping is being reviewed

Please read the following from our M.D.

We are reviewing our International Shipping on a daily basis and we are now lifting restrictions on Ireland, France and Germany as we are hearing good reports that you have the Pandemic under control and parcels are now reaching their final destinations without too much delay.

To those of you in other Countries that wish to use our Mail Order Services, if your location is still not permitted on our website, please contact us for further advice as we will be evaluating shipping on a case by case basis.

Our Automated Online Radio Code Services will of course be accessible to everybody at all times

Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe.  

COVID19 Update
6th July 2020

Our International Mail Order Services are still on hold

Please read this latest message from our M.D.

International Consignments:
Although many Global Businesses are re-opening, we are aware that there is still a significant number of International Pick Up and Collection Points that have remained closed and this is affecting the ability of our International customers to collect their parcels. There are also major delays at borders due to the extra checks on the drivers which is impacting on vehicle arrival times. We are also aware that many drivers are not requesting customers to sign for their deliveries.

With all this being taken into consideration, we have decided not to reinstate International shipping at this time as the potential for things going wrong is too great. We will re-evaluate this in a couple of weeks and can only apologize to our International Friends at this time.  

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5th January 2021
We are still operational

As we enter another lockdown, don`t panic, we are still here to help with your Radio Codes

Please read this from our M.D.


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