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DND Services Ltd :: News archive

Vauxhall Pioneer AVIC
19th January 2018

As well as being fitted to Lotus, we have now seen the Pioneer AVIC F930BT being fitted to Vauxhall as well. Before you ask, Yes, we can decode them.

The latest range of Pioneer AVIC systems use a use programmable code number, making it very difficult for most people to be able to decode them. We have the technology and the know how, so you can send them in with absolute confidence.  

Vauxhall Victorious
15th January 2018

If you are swapping the Humax radio from a Vauxhall Viva then we can now reprogram them for use in your car without the need for Tech2 or Tech3 programming.

At present, this only applies to the Humax Automotive models, but if you have something similar, then please get in touch with us.  

Happy New Year
2nd January 2018

We would like to wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of our Customers

We kick start 2018 with a whopping 5670 Radio Decoding solutions on our website, and if you have a model that is not yet shown, then we would love to hear from you  

21st December 2017

We are closed over the festive period from the 22nd December through to the 2nd January 2018

Our Online code services will remain operational throughout the festive period, and we have measures in place for anyone sending radios in by courier. We would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and look forward to the challenges of 2018 once we have sobered up.  

Volkswagen UP
16th November 2017

For those of you with a Volkswagen UP, we now have a solution to decode the RCD215 EU that is usually fitted, but at present, it does entail sending it to our workshop.

Full details can be found on the Decode pages on our website  

Jaguar Codes
13th November 2017

We have now started adding Jaguar Codes to our automated database, if your model is not yet shown, then please contact us for details.

Late Jaguar Radios can now be decoded from the engraved serial number etched into the base of the radio without the need for now sending them to us.  

Ford Navigation Codes
7th November 2017

Whilst we are in Ford Mode, we have started to add some of the Ford HS MCA navigation systems to our Fully Automated Code service.

At present, only the Navigation systems using an SD Card can be decoded by our automated systems, and the DVD based ones still need sending in. We hope to resolve that one some time soon.  

25th Anniversary
31st October 2017

We are so proud to announce our 25th Anniversary of trading and Decoding Car Stereos

As you can imagine, in the last 25 years we have gone from never seeing a coded radio to being one of the world leaders in Radio Code Technology. We are really looking forward to the challenges of the next 25 years.  

Ford V Series
5th October 2017

Regular visitors to our site will have noticed over the last few days that the Ford V series Codes have now been added to our Fully Automated Service.

We are also tidying up the search data so that it is easier to find the model you are after on the automated drop down lists. This may take a little time, so please bear with us.  

Mercedes Benz
28th September 2017

We are currently experimenting with the supply of Mercedes Benz Stereos from the VIN number of the Vehicle.

Whilst most of the range of Mercedes Radios can already be decoded from their serial number, some of the more complex Command systems are quite expensive and troublesome to decode, and as they do not appear to get swapped around that much, this may provide a useful solution without sending the radio in. This service will only work though if the original stereo is still fitted as it came from the factory.  

R&D Behind the Scenes
20th September 2017

Apart from the day to day business of decoding and repairing radios, we also undertake a lot of research and development work behind the scenes into new models and new processes.

As new and unseen radios come in, we study them carefully so that we can decode them, which often involves writing some software to do so. We also keep an eye on the older models too, as we try and find quicker and more efficient means to decode them online. This does take a lot of time to develop and we have many projects on the go at any one time. If you have a look at the DND SERVICES link on the blue bar at the top, you can see some of the E-Code development work that we are currently Undertaking.  

HUMAX Automotive co
18th September 2017

Regular users of our website will have noticed that we have a new Manufacturer listed of Humax Automotive Co in the Decode Section.

Humax Automotive Co are the Manufacturers of some of the radios as used by Renault, Dacia and Vauxhall. Most of the ones we have seen so far seem to have a Renault label on them, even when they are used in the other cars.  

SMART Repairs
14th September 2017

We have seen quite a few We have just started to add the SMART ECE Navigation systems coming in with unresponsive touch screens and I am pleased to announce that it is certainly something we can repair. Full details in the Repair section.

Most of the New Server issues appear to have been sorted now, and with our new systems up and running, expect to see some exiting new additions to our services in the coming weeks.  

Site Disruption
4th September 2017

There may be a bit of website disruption over the next few days or so as we are rolling out a new automated website for code retrieval. We are attempting to integrate this whilst keeping the rest of the sites Live so that down time is kept to a minimum.

If for any reason the automated site is down when you need a code, then please contact us and we will calculate it manually for you. Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause, but it will be worth it in the long run.  

Instant Codes
10th August 2017

Regular users of our Instant Radio Code Service will have noticed that we have now revamped the Mobile site to make it even easier to obtain your code numbers.

We will be rolling out some new services over the next few weeks, so watch this space.  

1st August 2017

We are undergoing some maintenance on one of our servers which does mean that some of our E-Codes will be temoporarily offline. If you find that tha service is not adding anything to the shopping cart after submission, then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your code numbers. Our Fully Automated codes are unaffected by this.

Apologies for any inconvenience  

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19th January 2018
Vauxhall Pioneer AVIC

As well as being fitted to Lotus, we have now seen the Pioneer AVIC F930BT being fitted to Vauxhall as well. Before you ask, Yes, we can decode them.


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