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DND Services Ltd :: News archive

Happy New Year
4th January 2022

We would like to wish all of our customers both old and new a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Stay Safe and lets make it a better one than the last 2.  

Sention Sorted
26th November 2021

We have just added the Renault Sention CD players to our automated Code Service.

Often found the the Renault Clio, Kangoo and Sprinter, the Renault Sention NLP Place and Gate systems can now be decoded via our fully automated auto radio code recovery site.  

Alfa Giulietta
11th November 2021

Online Code solutions can now be found the the Alfa Romeo 940 VP2 Continental units.

If you have an Alfa Romeo Gilietta of 2015 ~ 2016 vintage, then changes are that is may have a Continental Fiat 940 VP2 EE DAB PD touch screen fitted. If you need a code number then we can now assist you via our fully automated instant radio code retrieval service.  

GM Zafira
21st October 2021

For those of you with a GM Chevrolet Zafira, we are now able to decode the DF942 via our automated website,

More GM models to follow shortly, but if you have one that is not yet listed, please contact us.  

Fiat VP2
12th October 2021

We have just added more versions of the Fiat 250 VP2 to our Instant Code Services. If you have a model that is not shown, then please get in contact with us.

Most of the Fiat 250 VP2 range can be decoded by our online services, and whilst our database is growing, there are still a few elusive models out there that we have not seen as yet. So if you have one that is not yet shown, then please get in touch with us and we will see what we can do to assist you.  

Classic Volvo
6th October 2021

For the Classic Car Volvo enthusiasts out there, the Alpine CR-901 can now be decoded via our online services.

You will need a minor amount of dis-assembly to do this, and we have included full instructions on our website how to go about this. A bit fiddly, but certainly cheaper and easier than sending it in to us.  

International Shipping
23rd September 2021

For our International Friends out there, including Europe and Northern Ireland, I`m afraid that we are still no further forward in resolving this.

Please read this message from our M.D.

As from January 1st 2021, shipping Radio's around the World became a lot more complicated. It is no longer possible to simply send us a repair from outside of the UK without a mountain of paperwork, and if any of the Customs Declarations are filled out incorrectly, then it means that any Radio entering the UK mainland may mistakenly be subjected to Import Duty and VAT. There are some major steps and hurdles that we are trying to follow in order to register to prevent this from happening, but the costs involved of having to complete in excess of 64+ pages of declarations to return any International repairs are just not viable at this particular moment in time.

It is therefore with deep regret that we are still suspending all International Shipping, including Mainland Europe for the forseeable future. Sadly, this now also includes our close friends in Northern Ireland as the trade barriers and registration forms are now just cost prohibitive for returning any Radio's back to you.

Our fully Automated services will remain operational to the World, but our in house repair services are now strictly UK only. I hope that we will re-evaluate this one day, but it is unlikely to be any time soon.  

Taking a Break
24th August 2021

Please note that our workshop is now closed until the 6th Sept whilst we take a few days off. Radio codes can still be obtained via our fully automated website.

Apologies if this is inconvenient to those starting to return to work, but this is actually our first break since lockdown started as we have been working throughout, so we have decided to take a few days off and have a mini staycation here in Torbay.

Our phone lines will be on answerphone and there will not be any repairs undertaken during this time. For this sending in parcels, the couriers all know what to do with them, but nothing will be opened or looked at or dispatched, until we have sobered up and decided to come back to work.  

Fiat Motohomes
10th August 2021

For our International friends driving Motohomes based on the Fiat Ducatto 290 chassis, we now have an online code solution for the Daiichi D716AF Media unit.

At the moment, we have only listed the FGA PN 00521516350 variant, but if you have a similar one requiring a code, please get in touch with us.  

Ping Ping
23rd July 2021

Some of our Couriers have been pinged, and it is causing some delays, but only by a day or two.

As with the entire country at the moment it would seem, our delivery drivers are also being pinged and isolating as a result. It does mean that there may be some unexpected delays in logistics, but only by a day or two it would seem whilst other measures are put in place.

We are still at full capacity down here, so anything that arrives can be dealt with swiftly as always.  

Opels and Renaults
21st July 2021

If you own a 2016 Opel Vivaro, then you may be surprised to find that the radio is actually badged as a Renault. Not a problem for us, we can still decode them

If you have a radio that is not yet shown on our website, then please et in touch with us as we still may be able to assist.

We were recently contacted by one of our friends in Greece about a radio that was not shown on our website, and within a couple of hours, we had written some new software allowing an online solution for him to obtain his code number.  

Leave a Message
20th July 2021

You would be amazed how many say they have tried to contact us by phone, but never leave a message? Its very simple, if you do not leave us a message, then we do not know that you have tried to get in touch !

If we are busy here, then the phone is usually the last to be answered, but if you leave us a message, then we will get back to you. Please speak slowly when you leave your phone number though as many of you seem to be speaking so fast that's its often difficult to comprehend the message and contact phone number that has been left.  

Please be Patient
7th June 2021

With people now returning to work, the demand for our Code services means that we are experiencing a bit of a backlog with regards to turnaround times.

Whilst we have continually worked throughout the Pandemic ourselves, we are now getting a bit overwhelmed with the phone calls that we are receiving on a daily basis from those of you returning to work, asking how fast we can turn stuff around, because its "Urgent".

So whether you are a Motor Trader that has just sold a car before prepping it carefully, or Joe Public that has had a codelocked radio for the last six months and you are going on holiday tomorrow, our answer to all of you is the same as it has always been.

We are working through radios as fast as we can on a strict first come - first served basis and there is no queue jumping by anybody, no matter how important you think you are.

Please be Patient.  

Customer Vehicles
9th April 2021

Please note that we are no longer working on Customer Vehicles

Over the last 12 months of the Pandemic, like many businesses that remained operational we have had to streamline our services and adapt in order to survive. One of the things we were forced to stop was working on customer vehicles, and that included everything from full installations to basic radio removal and refitting. Doing so has enabled us to focus more on what we always did best, and that is our workshop based Radio Repairs and Decodes.

We have therefore decided to close our vehicle workshop permanently and continue to concentrate on bench repairs from now on via our mail order services. This does mean that we will no longer have any facilities to remove radios from customer vehicles that turn up as part of the service, and nor will we be tracing and diagnosing any faults within a car if presented.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, but we have now got used to a new way of working.  

GM Corsa
23rd March 2021

For our Brazillian friends, we are now adding some Code solutions for you too.

We can now decode the Delphi Famar CDP 2700 as fitted to the GM Chevrolet Corsa via our fully automated website.  

Alfa Romeo Giulietta
12th March 2021

We now have an online Code solution for the Alfa Uconnect VP4

If you have an Alfa Romeo Gilietta of 2015 ~ 2016 vintage, then changes are that is has a Harman VP4 Uconnect 6.5 RA3 touch screen fitted. If you need a code number then we can now assist you via our fully automated instant radio code retrieval service.  

Jeep Renegade
3rd March 2021

If you have had a flat battery on your 2016 Jeep Renegade, then we can help you

If you have a Jeep Renegade of 2016 ~ 2017 vintage, then changes are that is has a Harman VP4 touch screen fitted. If you need a code number then we can now assist you via our fully automated instant radio code retrieval service.  

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4th January 2022
Happy New Year

We would like to wish all of our customers both old and new a very happy and prosperous New Year.


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