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DND Services Ltd :: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Some of my good friends and team colleagues, both past and present,
that have played a part in creating the company that is before you today.

Lindsay - Ben - John - Iain S. - Liz - Dave - Steve - Lee

Mark Thompson

Mark first joined us part time, when we opened our first shop way back in 1994, and foolishly came to work with me full time as my Sales Rep in the summer of 1998.

As you can see, he was always the one that claimed to work harder than the rest of us. (He was probably right, but I won`t tell him that).

He was always like a big kid at Christmas, and often pestered me so much so get the decorations out, that one year I finally snapped, and decided that the only way to shut him up was to make him stand in the corner . . .

As the Christmas tree !!

Ben Hardwick

Ben joined the Company in the summer of 1996,
but despite extensive Manufacturer training from:-

Caliber / Clarion / Dynamat / GT Auto`s / JL Audio / Kenwood, MTX / Nakamichi / Navtrak / Panasonic / Phoenix Gold, Polk Momo / RAC Trackstar / Scorpion / SerpiStar / Sony, Soundstream / Tracker & VDO Dayton . . . . .

. . . . . he still didn`t improve !!!

"Sound-Off" Sid

Sid is probably best known on the Competition Scene for the LOUD! Association, founded by himself a good few years back, after a visit to our shop resulted in a few trophies and a world record.

Nearly all of the ambitious "LOUD!" projects, have at some stage, involved the assistance and expertise of D`N`D Services Ltd.

Sid has now taken to travelling the world in a Mobile Home, so that he can "Preach" to those who are less fortunate in audio knowledge, and are also blissfully unaware of just how LOUD! the car stereo`s are, of the flock that will always follow him.

Should you meet him, Please remember,

This man does not need any more drugs !

Iain Sutherland

Iain spent three years with us as one of our top Installers, and helped out on many of the major project vehicles.

He left us in 2001 (probably in search of the tools that he had misplaced) and now runs his own company making carbon fibre car accessories and panels.

John - a.k.a. "Stinky"

John, knows all there is to know about cctv and telecoms, and was responsible for the workshop communications and site security.

However, as you can probably tell from his nickname, we always encourage him to work outside when we can !!

Steve - a.k.a. "The Destroyer"

When the internal walls and fittings of the Wedgewood Way site had to be removed, Steve earned the name "The Destroyer", due to the sheer pleasure he maintained in demolishing anything and everthing in his path !

The problem now, is that we are unable to prise the hammer out of his hands, and can only offer this advice :

If you see him with a hammer or crowbar . . . . . . RUN !!

Lee Kerby

You may get the impression that Lee
did not like having his photo taken,
(but that never stopped us!)

Lee has also been Manufacturer trained by:

Caliber / Dynamat / JL Audio / Kenwood / MTX
Nakamichi / Panasonic / Phoenix Gold
Polk Momo, Sony & Soundstream,

but unlike the rest of us,
he could still remember most of it!

Ian Kilmurray a.k.a. "Kilmo"

Iain came to visit us one day, and wouldn`t go home,
This happened day after day, and in the end we had
to employ him just to keep our sanity!!

Oh, by the way, that`s Harry in the picture, and as
you can see, Kilmo and Harry don`t always get on.

Mike Fahy - "Streetboy"

Mike came to us in the summer of 2002 with the,
perfect criteria to land himself a full time job with us.
He seemed to have found an endless supply of chocolate
chip cookies, that kept appearing at tea break!!

It is common knowledge that this industry will
rot your brain, and turn you into a jibbering idiot.

But, as you can see, Mike was already fully qualified!!

Dan Johnson

Dan, seen here with his Renault 5 Turbo, was one of the trophy winners at our Broadwater Day Sound-Off in 2001,

and was employed as one of our top Installers not long afterwards.

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