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DND Services Ltd :: Project: BMW X5 2001

Project: BMW X5 2001

The 2001 BMW X5 is a very popular vehicle here, and it would appear that virtually everybody who has one, also has the same problems of how to keep the kids quiet in the back. We have put together some of the more popular conversions here from a few different cars, so that it may inspire some ideas of what is possible. On a vehicle such as this, we try to incorporate all forms of multimedia to give the widest choice available, and to prevent any back seat arguments over the choice of DVD or Video, we make sure that the two rear screens with cordless headphones can be operated independantly or can be operated together should the rear seat passengers want to battle it out with the Playstation.

Headrest Monitors

Because the Headrests in the BMW X5 are quite small, we generally opt for a slightly smaller 5" monitor to be fitted. Here, we have chosen the VTD LCM505, which as you can see fits rather well.

For Security, all of our Headrest conversions include an elasticated cover that can fit over the top of the Headrest when not in use and hide it from view.

Rear Centre Console

This conversion is a personal favourite of mine as it looks as though the DVD player was meant to be fitted here.

The entire centre console has been redesigned in order for the DVD player to be installed. All of the electronics have been re-routed along with the Heater ducts, to ensure that everything still functions as it should.

The two small monitor selection switches are just visable below the two heated rear seat switches. These allow the different media to be changed at the touch of a button. The three sockets on the front of the DVD player will also allow a Camcorder or external media to be plugged in if required.


We found out long ago, that Playstation games do not last very long before children want to change over for a new game, so we designed a console in matching trim that is easily accessable from both rear seats and therefore prevents the kids from clambering around in the back.

A PS-One is shown here, as back in 2001, the choice of consoles was somewhat limited.

A Different Colour

As you can see, it looks just as stunning when trimmed in matching Grey Leather instead.

Roof Monitor

A Sony XTL-6100MKII monitor is mounted into the roof on a flip down bracket. This allows it to be folded up into the roof when not in use. The Infra Red receiver was recessed into the roof mounted alarm panel, which also incorporates the transmitter for the Sony MDR-IF130K Cordless headphones.

Rear Mounted DVD Player

Here we have mounted a VTD DVD player into the side panel in the boot. The whole system is controlled via remote control, with the Infra Red receiver being mounted towards the front of the cabin.


Although nowadays the Video is virtually obsolete, back in 2001 it was a must have accessory.

The Video Player we used was very compact, and there are very few vehicles that will actually allow it to be sunk into the floor of a boot compartment, with virtually no space compromised at all !!

The controls are operated by infra red remote, with the receiver being mounted in the rear centre console.

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