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DND Services Ltd :: Project: Quantum "Outlaw"

Project: Quantum "Outlaw"

This 1995 Quantum is a Kit Car that has been hand built by Don H, using the components from a Ford Fiesta MK2. The Kit has been wildly modified from day 1, with the standard (and sluggish) Fiesta engine being replaced by a Hot 1800cc Fuel Injected Ford Zetec engine that throws out around 130 Bhp, and when you consider that this is a fibreglass car, you can appreciate the weight saving and increased performance. Don took advice on soundproofing very carefully, and has used no less than 14 full rolls of Dynamat, as well as standard vehicle felts and carpets. Don had completed most of the installation himself, but needed an expert hand with a few bits here and there.


The name "Outlaw" was derived from the very limited edition Phoenix Gold Amplifier, that dominates the boot area. As this was to be built as a show car, Don wanted to make the most of the "Outlaw" logo, and has had many specialist panels and accessories made to continue the theme.

The Boot

It can be seen just how large the Phoenix Gold Amplifier is, and most of the system is powered from this, from the DLS Ultimate speakers in the front, to the 12" JL Subwoofer that has been crafted into a box that is housed between the rear seats and the boot. The tip of an Optima Gel battery can just be seen on the far side.

Stage 1

The first thing we did, was to make a panel to cover the box in the boot, and to retrim some of the existing panels in a grey vinyl. The Perspex window has been engraved with the Phoenix Gold Logo and Outlaw lettering. The rear window on the left is home to a Phoenix Gold Graphic Equaliser and balanced Line Driver. Another Amplifier is planned for the rear window on the right, to power some rear fill speakers.

Front End

At the moment, Don is using an early Alpine Ai-Net monitor, processor and CD Autochanger, but there are plans to replace it with a state of the art touch screen TV, and to incorporate DVD and a Sony Playstation 2. The DLS speakers can be seen in the Kickwell pods and the bottoms of the front doors. The Dasboard and centre console are made from blue perspex, and house a very complex set of electronic gauges that have been shipped over from the USA.


So fancy are the gauges in this car, that this is the amount of cabling in the centre console that is required for the Amp temperature gauges and Voltage readings.

Have you any idea how long this took to wire up ?!?!


You would be forgiven if you did not realise that this is a hand built car, built by Don himself, based on an old Ford Fiesta MK2.

Exhibited (Loudly) at Stoneleigh 2001.

Bristol Motor & Classic Car Show 2001 - June 10
Durnham Park, Bristol

Detling 2002 - March
Kent County Showground

Doncaster Custom Show 2002 - April
Doncaster Racecourse, Yorks.

Our ISH Ferrari F355 was 2nd Runner Up in Class at Doncaster 2002 Whilst Don`s `Outlaw` Came 1st !!

Quality Street

Don and Leslie, who (in these jackets) can only be described as a couple of very nice "sweeties"

One soft centre, and one simply nuts !

(But I`ll leave you to work out, which is which !)

Sadly, Don`s business and workshop suffered a major fire as a result of an arson attack in 2004,
and this car along with a few others, was completely destroyed.


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