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DND Services Ltd :: Project: Rover 75 2000 - Dave S.

Project: Rover 75 2000 - Dave S.

Dave was foolish enough to come back for another install, only this time he decided to set us a bit of a nasty challenge! In fact, the criteria Dave presented us with left us scratching our heads a bit, but I think we managed to pull it off rather well in the end.

Dave was just about to take delivery of a nice shiny new Rover 75, which he would like us to do a little number on, but there was a slight problem (in fact there was a VERY BIG PROBLEM !) His good ol' Mum had helped with the initial deposit on his car on the strict understanding that it was to be left alone and not messed around with like his last one. If that was not all, he then informed us, that his Mother had difficulty in walking around, and that because he would be carrying her wheelchair in the boot most of the time, any boot install must not be visable at all!

As luck would have it, she had not seen the size of the boot at all, and Dave`s first trip in his new car from the showroom was to our workshop to partition the boot with a false panel, and to this date, she thinks that a wheelchair only just fits in the boot of a Rover 75 !!

The Solution

Two Subwoofer boxes were designed to go against the back seat, and to fire the Bass back through the central armrest.

Whilst two Kenwood amplifiers would go between the boxes, and the whole thing would be hidden behind the false panel.

(Mum will never know!)

Blue is the Colour . . .

As the Car was Blue, and this was a "stealth" install, we decided to colour code the whole install with a contrasting blue theme.

The Subs of choice were a pair of Infinity Perfect Ten`s, and they looked fantastic against the blue Alcantara cloth.

Limited Edition

The heart of the power comes from a monoblock Kenwood PS-401, and a 4 channel PS-501 amplifier.

But, you won`t find these blue ones in the Kenwood catalogue, as they are exclusive to D`N`D Services Ltd, as we strip them down and anodise them ourselves.

Behind The Scenes

The KAC-PS401 drives the two Infinity Perfect 10`s, and the KAC-PS501 drives the Focal Midrange speakers.

Front Focal Tweeters are driven by the Clarion APA2030, hidden behind the Power Capacitor.

Easily Overlooked

When the two amps look as stunning as these two do, it is very easy to overlook some of the other "nightmares" that have been encountered in this project.

I refer to the two Chrome plated mounting brackets, that had to be fabricated to the correct shape.

Making one was difficult . . . . .
getting the other one to match . . . that was hard!!

Squeeeeeze !

Not a lot of room!

Great care has to be taken in routing the cables, to make sure that they do not foul the Sub`s.

The spare wheel was turned upside down, and a bracket made to house the secondary Delco Freedom Battery.

Let There Be Light

Two Neon light tubes were installed, one above the top amp, and one below.

Also fitted are four strobes, two blue, and two white, which when switched on, give the illusion of electricity sparking away.


The Alcantara, perspex, and Chrome trims (from the front doors) really set this install off a treat, and finally we added a chrome 75 badge.

One of the best comments we received from this install, was that of someone who said it looked as if it had been factory fitted, as it was in keeping with the general "classy lines" of the car.

Now, if only Dave`s Mum thought that, he could show her !!

Now you see it

And now you don`t !!

Head unit

Quite an intricate bit of surgery was required to get both the Pioneer DEH-P8000RDS and DEQ-9200 into the Dash.

By all accounts, Mum was quite pleased with her son`s choice of "Rover Upgrade" stereo !!

She hasn`t guessed?

There are a few giveaways that this car is not standard. The DAB Aerial, Tinted Windows and the superb 18" Alloys.

We are very proud of this install, not only because it sounds Awesome, but also because of the amount of kit that we have put in, and still kept it hidden.

Shssssh ! Don`t tell Mom !

No, not a reference to a truly awful film, But a polite request from our friend, Dave, Who would undoubtedly be homeless, if she ever found out !

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1st May 2019
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Following some essential communications work behind the scenes, we are now back up and running again. Apologies for any inconvenience.


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