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DND Services Ltd :: Project: Smart "Kenwood" 1999 - LOUD! Association

Project: Smart "Kenwood" 1999 - LOUD! Association

Our good friend Sid Jervis of the LOUD! Association (Who became a C4 Big Breakfast regular after being around us for so long) asked us to help build a demo car for Kenwood using a Smart car. Back in 1999, nobody had ever heard of the Smart, and this project featured one of the very first Smart`s to be imported into the country. In fact, so radical was the vehicle at the time, and the fact that nobody had ever seen one, we found that filling up with fuel took nearly an hour each time, as we were always bombarded with questions about the car. We ended up hiding it at the back of the workshop, just so that we could rebuild it without any further interruptions.

What is it ?

We all recognise these nowadays, but this was one of the very first to be imported into the country. The Smart was originally a project that began in 1990 with the Swiss SMH group of Swatch watch fame with the backing of VW, who were replaced in 1993 by Mercedes Benz. Power comes from a three cylinder 650cc turbocharged petrol engine mounted at the rear.


Here we can see that the tiny rear quarter panels have been removed in order to make a fibreglass mould for the rear sub boxes. This is achieved by building up layers of glassfibre matting and resin. This will form the back of the box.

Rear Sub Box

Once all the fibreglass matting has dried, an M.D.F. box is then constructed to give a very rough shape. The insides of the box are sealed with matting, and joined to the rear half. The front joints are then filled with woodfiller and shaped accordingly.

Centre Console

It was decided to put the main head unit into the dashboard but to arrange the CD, MD, and Graphic Equaliser into a fabricated centre console, that would be curved around the driving position.

You would not believe the number of pieces of M.D.F. used to construct this intricate shape !

Front End

The centre console has been trimmed using vinyl, and the head units have been fitted. The Kenwood monitor has a "touch" screen for the controls. The passenger footwell has been redesigned to accommodate a 12" Kenwood subwoofer, and the main battery.

Rear End

The side panels were covered in a matching carpet before the two 10" Kenwood subwoofers were fitted. The amp rack consists of a Kenwood KAC-PS501, and the tops of four Optima Batteries are just visible. Much of the wiring from the Amp will be hidden on final trimming and "tarting up".

Isn`t it small !

A few subtle Graphics were added, and then it was ready for it`s debut at the 1999 Motor Show in London, where it appeared on the Kenwood Demo stand.

London Motorshow 1999 - Kenwood Display Stand.

Featured: "In Cars" Magazine, March 2000

Quote: Adam Rayner

"It rocks, it rolls, it can chew your ears and rumble your intestines . . . .           . . . . .and some of the loveliest build-work I`ve ever seen"

Praise indeed! (Thanks Adam!)

Sid Jervis

The man himself. Only someone of this size can now fit inside the car.

Oh, in case you were wondering, the sign "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH" applies to Sid, not the car.

We don`t know where he`s been !!!

Back For More !

The Smart came back to us in the Spring of 2000 To have a Dreamcast Installed.

(Can`t think why they didn`t want a Playstation!)

Something to do with S**Y I think ?

Kenwood were so impressed with the public reaction to the Smart, that in the summer of 2000, they decided to purchased it, to tour Europe as a Kenwood Demonstration Vehicle !

The Ultimate Manufacturer Compliment !

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