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DND Services Ltd :: Project: Subaru Impreza 2000 - Marc C.

Project: Subaru Impreza 2000 - Marc C.

Marc is one of our good friends here at DND Services, and eventually decided that he had seen far too many cars pulling out of our workshop, and instructed us that his car should be next. Marc`s choice of audio was a very easy one, as he virtually lives in front of our Focal Demo stand, and we didn`t even need to ask which speakers he wanted! The Focal Polyglass Range with the Audison Amplifiers have to be heard to be believed, they are awesome, and as Marc wanted to show off his car around the country at car shows, they were a natural choice.

The criteria for the boot build was to get it all in there and still have room for a very large suitcase, so that Marc`s girlfriend wouldn`t moan about lack of luggage when they went on their hols. And to make space matters even worse, he wanted a second battery in the boot to run the system at shows without flattening the main battery, enabling him to run the system all day, and still have enough power to start his engine.

Make A Mould

To maximise the use of space, we decided to mould the Subwoofer into the rear 1/4 panels.

Here you can see the initial fibreglass mould taking place. We build up many layers to a final thickness of around 5cm. Before we apply the fibreglass matting, we cover the entire area with 4 layers of masking tape, as this ensures that the mould will release nice and easily once set.

The Box

Once the mould has set, and the volume of the box carefully calculated for optimum performance, the front MDF Panel can then be attatched, again with fibreglass. The box can then be tested for any leaks around the edges by fitting the subwoofer and listening for air movement at the joins. If you have taken care with the construction, you shouldn`t have any leaks at all. If you do, just add a bit more fibreglass!

Second Battery

To maximise the boot space, the second battery was located in the other rear 1/4 panel. When you fit second batteries, please ensure that they are properly secured and not loose. Battery trays are readily available from most parts factors, or ask us if you can`t find one. A split charge relay ensures that the second battery is charged when the engine is running. You will also notice that whilst it was empty, the boot was also fully soundproofed.


As I have always advised on an installation, start with a flat base as a reference point. It will be altered many times, but a big flat sheet is easier to work with than any other shape. Here it can be seen that the spare wheel can still be accessed via the removable floor panel, and once the shape is correct at the rear, the panel can be shaped and modified, in this case a false panel has been added and a large window cut.

Perfect Fit!

The New range of Audison amplifiers are superb! Not only do they sound stunning, and they are relatively low priced for their performance, but from an installation point of view, they have had the sense to make all of their amplifiers with the same sized chassis, meaning that you can put different models side by side, and it works perfectly. Four Channel amplifier for the interior speakers, and a two channel bridged amplifier for the subwoofer.


Marc is also a great fan of Neon Lighting, so we made sure that the amplifiers and Battery looked good at night with a few strategically placed neon tubes that operate with the boot light switch, coming on whenever the boot is opened.

Marc C

The Man himself,
posing for the obligatory cheesy photo!

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1st May 2019
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Following some essential communications work behind the scenes, we are now back up and running again. Apologies for any inconvenience.


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