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DND Services Ltd :: Project: VW Golf GTi MK2 1989 - Dave Watts / D`N`D Services Ltd

Project: VW Golf GTi MK2 1989 - Dave Watts / D`N`D Services Ltd

After putting so much Bass into other people`s cars, we decided that it was about time that we built our own SPL (Sound Pressure Level) car. The choice of car was easy, it had to be very solid, have a reasonably good engine to pull the weight, and because it would be stripped to a shell, it had to be cheap! It just so happened that one of our friends had a tatty MK2 Golf sat on his drive, and it seemed an ideal candidate.

The Donor Vehicle

As it was to be an SPL car, the interior was completely sacrificial, but we did want to give this bland car a bit of street cred externally. New bumpers were added along with wider wheel arches. But we couldn`t stop there, so we decided to replace the entire front end of the car with that of a VW Jetta, as the rectangular lights would give the car a very different look. We also tinted the windows to give a totally black base to work with.

Guess Who`s Gear We Are Using?

Box Number 1

It was decided to use six of the FUSION F-10 Subs, and Geoff, box builder from Fusion UK, designed a box for us which was constructed out of 19mm Birch Ply in the form of a "Pressure V".

None of us could`ve anticipated what was to happen next though, as such was the might of the fusion subs, when at 138dB, the box literally blew itself apart!

Back to the drawing board!

Box Number 2

I must admit to being rather annoyed that the first box had blown apart, not because it had happened, but because I had let someone else design a box for us, albeit a manufacturer who knew their products best.

I knew that we could have done better. So with the sub specifications in front of us, we calculated and designed a more suitable box. We opted for two ported enclosures of identical build, and one was placed on top of the other.

Initial power up of the box gave 146.6dB !!

Sincere Thanks to the following Friends & Sponsors:

Matthew & Geoff   -   FUSION            You may even have seen our Golf on TV as it featured on Granada`s Men & Motors !!   TV Showing 7/10/2003    

Doncaster Custom Show April 2002
Doncaster Racecourse, Yorkshire.

Our ISH Ferrari F355 was 2nd Runner Up in Class at Doncaster 2002

Bristol Motor & Classic Car Show June 2002
Durdham Park, Bristol.

Where is it now?

Much as I enjoyed having this car around, the lifespan of a promotional car in the media spotlight is very short, and after two years, it was decided to move it on. It was sold with the full Fusion livery as you see here in the pictures. Although we have never actually seen it since, which is a real shame, I do sometimes wonder what happened to it.  
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1st May 2019
Services Resumed

Following some essential communications work behind the scenes, we are now back up and running again. Apologies for any inconvenience.


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