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DND Services Ltd :: Project: Porsche 911 Cabriolet - Vinny

Project: Porsche 911 Cabriolet - Vinny

Many of you in Edgeware, North London, will probably know of Vinny, as he used to run a rather successful Motorist shop, where all sorts of tuning and styling goodies could be found. Vinny had accumulated quite a collection of Kicker equipment, and wanted an installation in his car, that would stand out from the crowd, so that he could use it as a demonstrator for his company and his Website

FAST CAR magazine - 3 page Feature Car - June 2002  

More Stuff than Space

Vinny told us about the amount of Kicker equipment that he had, three amplifiers, two 15" square solabaric subs, power caps, neons, etc, etc,

Then he told us he had a Porsche 911 Cabriolet,
and No, he wasn`t prepared to buy a bigger car!!

Front Doors

The front door Pods were fabricated from Fibreglass and M.D.F. to house the Kicker Component speakers and the crossover units.

The panels were then trimmed in black vinyl to complement the rest of the interior.

Rip it all out

The rear seats of the car were stripped out to allow a specially shaped box to take their place.

Two square 15" Kicker Solabaric speakers were fitted, along with grilles that had been chrome plated.

The Interior

The rest of the system incorporates a Pioneer Stereo, a screen in the centre console, and a Panasonic DVD Player mounted in the glovebox.

And Yes, that is a small Disco Mirror Ball!

Rip it all out

When planning these projects, and wondering just where everything will go, how much space you have, it`s usually easier to strip out everything that you can see - carpets, brackets, etc.

Work out where the cables will go, and where your power source will come from. Pretty easy here, as the battery is easily accessable.

Plan the System

Make an M.D.F. board, and lay out all of your units. All of the Power Cables have been routed underneath, to make the installation look a little neater.

Once you are happy with your layout, the items can be installed correctly, and the system tested.

The "Checkerplate" under the Power Capacitors is not metal, but actually a plastic formed sheet.

Top Cover

A top and side panels have been shaped in M.D.F. with glass panels, and then trimmed in that very striking red vinyl. The only thing that you can`t see, are the Red Neon lights, that are either side of each amplifier, and alongside the Power Capacitors.

The Man Himself

Should you ever see our good friend Vinny at one of the many Cruises around the country, go and say Hi, and ask him for a Demo of his system, as he just loves to show off whenever he can!!

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