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DND Services Ltd :: Sony Product Recall

Sony Product Recall

We managed to send Sony into absolute panic when we suggested a product recall a few years back. They were on the phone like a shot, and this is what we told them about the failure of one of their new products, as we, at DND Services, had unfortunately discovered that one of their product line-up would lead to nothing but disappointment, as it didn`t work at all.

Sony Xplod Dynamite Stick

This is what the fuss is all about
If you have one, please return it immediately

Those wonderful people at the Sony sales team, sent all of their top dealers big boxes of Dynamite with the promise that we would be entered into a competition for the best window display. We, at DND Services very nearly fell for it, until we remembered that we did not have a window to put a display into. We then realised Sony`s marketing plan - find all of the largest Car Audio Dealers in the country, send them Dynamite, and remove all of the competition from the other manufacturers, by blowing them skywards.

However, we have rumbled them, but in the process, have made a very sad discovery.

Initially, we did a very stupid thing,
by leaving Mark alone with the
Dynamite and a lighter.

but we were not prepared for what
was about to happen next . . . . .

. . . . and neither was Ben !
who foolishly asked Mark
what he was up to.

Mark said that it would be fun.

Dave agreed, he thought that blowing
Ben`s head off, would be fun also.

Iain could not be found anywhere
( but that is not unusual )

But . . . .
Nothing Happened !

Mark was not happy.

He would have to explain to Dave
that Ben was still on the payroll !

The Sony Dynamite sticks did not
appear to work.

Iain still could not be found.

We thought that we would get Lee
to investigate them further,

Lee agreed that the
Sony Dynamite sticks did not
appear to work.

But as we had no valid receipts,
he advised that a Warranty Claim
would not be possible.

He also added that spares may be limited,
and we should return them back to Sony,
as they clearly did not work.

Dave Agreed.

We think Iain may have run away.

If you would care to return your
Sony Dynamite sticks to us,
with the original unopened sony packaging,
together with the original Sony Invoice,
that clearly states that the products
were sent free of charge,
we will gladly return them to Sony
for a full credit on your behalf.

We never did find Iain


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