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DND Services Ltd :: Database :: Decode - Workshop Service :: Vauxhall LCD Display AY

Vauxhall LCD Display AY
317099190 / 13 208 193
Vauxhall LCD Display AY Radio Code & Decoding Service

Vauxhall LCD Display AY
13 208 193
SiemensVDO 317099190

As originally fitted to :

Opel / Vauxhall

This vehicle specific radio display panel requires complex programming to the car, and if you have recently been playing with the radio or the display, then you may find yourself with one of the following fault messages being displayed.

If you see "DISPLAY SAFE" permanently shown after 10 seconds, this means that the Display has not been correctly programmed to the vehicle, and you will need to have your unit reset by us before this can be reprogrammed to your car with a Tech2.

If you see "DISPLAY SAFE" flashing every 10 seconds, this means that the Display is currently in Delivery Mode, and is now ready to be programmed to the vehicle with a Tech2 programmer.

If you see "RADIO SAFE" permanently shown after 10 seconds, this means that the Radio has not been correctly programmed to the vehicle, and you will need to have your unit reset by us before this can be reprogrammed to your car with a Tech2.

If you see "RADIO SAFE" and a beep every 10 seconds, this means that the Radio is currently in Delivery Mode, and is now ready to be programmed to the vehicle with a Tech2 programmer.

This range of Displays and Radios fitted by General Motors causes more confusion than any other that we have encountered, so before we continue, lets explain a few truths and dispel a few myths.

This is quite a popular display to find on the net, but many are described as having codes with them which is very misleading and incorrect, as this unit does not actually require a code. If you own a late model Vauxhall or Opel, then you may be familiar with the CARPASS that shows the "Unlock" or "PUK" code used for vehicle diagnostics and programming, and it is often this vehicle specific code number that is mistakenly described when people are advertising their display for sale. This 4 digit number is unique to the vehicle, not the display, and will not allow the display to be used in anything other than the original car.

You will often hear the term "Married" display, and this is because the display is programmed with encrypted data that will only allow it to communicate with the original vehicle and no other. The equipment used to program the stereo and the car together is called a Tech2 programmer. The Tech2 plugs into the diagnostic socket of the car and can then be used to perform various programming routines, one of which is to allow the display and car to communicate with each other.

But this is where it gets problematic. At the time of writing, 99.9% of the Tech2 programmers, (and that includes virtually all of the Main Dealer Opel /Vauxhall OEM diagnostic equipment) are unable to reprogram any display that has previously been fitted to another vehicle, as the displays, (as far as Tech2 is concerned) are supplied and programmed as a "write once only" operation. In order to remove the display from the original car and use it in another, then a very strict removal procedure needs to be followed and under no circumstances should the display simply be removed without first plugging in the Tech2 and wiping the memory of the display. In other words, in order to remove it from the original car, it has to be de-programmed first, not simply pulled out. The correct removal procedure is called "Divorcing" and this must be done whilst still in the original car as Tech2 cannot divorce a display once it has been removed. If a display has not been correctly divorced, then Tech2 cannot program for use in another car. If your display has been correctly “Divorced”, then you will have no problems in getting someone with a Tech2 to program this into your new car using your unique vehicle PUK code located on your CARPASS. If you do not have a CARPASS, then you will have to apply for this via the Main Dealership.


Some of the second hand radios currently being offered for sale by various breakers yards and internet auction sites are being supplied “Un-Divorced” with the display from the original car as a Married pair with the comments that these can be used in your car without the need for any further Tech2 programming. There is an element of truth to this, as they will indeed power up, but introducing a radio and display to your car without the correct programming has some exceptionally expensive consequences that we are now starting to see on an alarming basis. The problem here is that the Radio and display still retain the identity and PUK code of the original vehicle, and when installed into a new car you will now have two vehicle identities communicating across all of the vehicle ECU`s and it is not uncommon for one to overwrite the other and corrupt the entire vehicles electronics. Once an ECU has been corrupted, Tech2 cannot recover it from that state and a new ECU(s) will be required. Replacement of an engine ECU and a Gearbox ECU can easily run into four figures – and all because a short cut was taken when fitting a radio. You have been warned.

So what can we do for you?

If you have obtained a second hand display from eBay or a breakers yard, that has been incorrectly removed, not properly divorced, and displays “DISPLAY SAFE”, then you must have the display reset and reprogrammed by a specialist such as ourselves before you can re-use it.

We can to reset this unit back into "Delivery Mode" allowing it to be reprogrammed into your new car with a Tech2, but you will need to send the unit to our workshop for this work to be carried out. Approx turnaround time is 48 hours from receipt to dispatch.

Please be aware that once you have used our service to reset your display back into "Delivery Mode", you will still need to enlist the services of a Vauxhall / Opel Main Dealer or Independent Specialist with a Tech2 programmer to then program the radio into your new vehicle.

If your reason for reading this is because you have just replaced a damaged or pixelated LCD display with an identical model, then if you send us both displays together, we can extract the vehicle identification from the faulty display and program it into the new display for you. This will then remove the need for any further Tech2 intervention. Please contact us for the cost of this service.

This model does not have a code number
It is programmed to the car using Tech2


Code Number Recovery :

(€ 42.61)


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