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DND Services Ltd :: Database :: Decode - Workshop Service :: Vauxhall LN7F-B Intellilink

Vauxhall LN7F-B Intellilink
3919 3464
Vauxhall LN7F-B Intellilink VIN Radio Code & Decoding Service

Vauxhall LN7F-B Intellilink
GM P/N 3919 3464
LG Electronics Inc

As originally fitted to :

Vauxhall Corsa 2019

This stereo is often referred to as a "Married" or "VIN CODED" radio, as it does not have a normal security Code number, but is instead electronically paired to the engine management system of the vehicle it came out of, and as such cannot be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle, even if it is the same model of Car.

When it is first powered up, it will communicate with the vehicle, and if this has been successful, it will switch on and function in the normal way.

However, if removed and refitted into a different vehicle other than the original one, it will not recognize the encrypted identification of the new car, and you may find that the radio may not power up at all, or the display will say "LOCKED".

Reprogramming of this unit is very complex, and because the stereo has to be programmed to the VIN Number of your car, when sending in your stereo, please also include a clear copy of the Vehicle Registration Document of the intended car, clearly showing the VIN NUMBER, so that we have all of the relevant information to hand. Please do not send any other paperwork, as without a copy of this V5 document, we are unable to reprogram the radio.

We can reprogram the VIN Number for this radio, allowing it to be used in a different vehicle, but you will need to send the unit to our workshop along with a copy of the registration document for this work to be carried out. Approx turnaround time is 48 hours from receipt to dispatch.

Removal of the radio is fairly straightforward. This radio is bolted in place by several bolts, and these will be hidden behind the dashboard trim. Removal of the trim will depend largely on the vehicle it is fitted to, but should not present any real problems. Please consult your service manual if you are unsure how to go about this. Once the bolts that secure the radio frame have been removed, the stereo will come out in a rather large lump and can then be unplugged.

Compatibility Warning:

There are many stereos in this GM Model range that appear similar in appearance. It is very important that any replacement has an identical part number and model number to retain full functionality and communication with the vehicle.

This Radio is VIN CODED to the vehicle, and does not require an additional code number.


Code Number Recovery :

( 60.87)


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